Construction Process

Vast Broadband is starting construction in your neighborhood to bring you a 100% fiber-optic network.

We want to prepare you for the construction phase. Outlined below you will find what to expect, and the steps we suggest you take, as our crews construct this new network in your neighborhood.


1.You may see flags and spray paint in your yard, along roads and sidewalks to mark underground utilities (such as water and gas lines). These marks are placed after we notify 811 of our intentions to do work and occurs in advance of us beginning construction. This process helps ensure that our crews can work safely and avoid service interruptions.


2. Construction teams may need to have access via utility easements on residential properties to set fiber-optic access points known as “pedestals”. Pedestals will be co-located with other utilities where possible or ground level units will be utilized when other utilities are not present.


3. Our construction team begins by exposing the existing underground utilities. They accomplish this by digging around the locate markings. Because we cross the other utilities when we place conduit, it’s necessary to know exactly where they are located.


4. Construction crews place conduit and pull fiber through them.


5. After the construction process is finished, we will rake, seed, and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred.

The timeline for completion varies depending on the size of your neighborhood, weather, and other variables. We anticipated that the construction phase will last approximately one to two months.

Vast Construction FAQs

Will you be replacing the pedestal you placed in my front yard?

Vast has begun installing flush-mount vaults as an alternative to pedestals placed in front yards where other utility company equipment is not present. These will be in the same location as the current pedestals but will have a ground-level profile which eliminates visibility of the equipment. Residents will notice a sticker on their pedestal if it is scheduled to be replaced with a vault and all replacements will be completed in the coming months. The vaults will be used for future installations when other utility company equipment is not present. Vast collocates with other utilities in the easement whenever possible, and those clustered pedestals will remain in place as will backyard pedestals.

What is the expected timeframe for construction?

The construction phase will last approximately one to two months.

What does construction entail and what will your crews be doing?

Fiber will be buried underground and pedestals will be placed as needed.

What should I do to make sure Vast Broadband avoids my pet, sprinkler system, fence, sump pump line, or other underground items in my yard during construction?

Construction crews approach your yard with the assumption that there may be private utilities located underground and will do their best to avoid these. If you would like to take an extra precautionary step, please mark areas of concern with pink or white flags or landscape-safe paint to alert crews of the need for caution.

How will you locate buried lines, such as water and gas, that should be avoided when digging?

We will work closely with local utilities to locate these lines and avoid them when digging.

Will Vast make sure properties are left as they were before construction started?

Our crews make every effort to minimize the impact on your property. Following construction, if it’s not to your satisfaction, please complete the form or call us at 1-888-745-2888.

When can I remove the utility marking flags and/or paint?

Please leave markers and paint in place until the construction is complete. We will remove the markers when we are done constructing.

Does Vast have permission to be on private properties?

Yes, Vast is permitted to be in the designated public utility easements typically located within the back alley, a strip of land running along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. If the easement is within a fenced in yard, crews may ask for your help accessing the area — please make sure your yard is accessible.