100% Fiber Optic Network build is underway in parts of Sioux Falls & Vermillion

Vast is starting construction on our new 100% fiber optic network in your neighborhood.

What does this mean for your and your family?

This means you’ll be able to get the fastest Internet in your area and first-class TV. Below you will find information about what to expect as we construct our 100% fiber optic network into your neighborhood, and how to sign up for service.

Vast is committed to making this construction process as easy as possible for you and your neighbors. This website and our customer service line are available to address any additional questions or concerns.


WHO IS Vast?

At Vast Broadband, we pride ourselves in offering the latest in communication technologies to enhance the experience of the residential and commercial customers we serve. From TV services to cutting-edge internet with lightning-fast speeds, we’re driven to merge high-quality products with friendly, exceptional service.

What does A 100% FIBER OPTIC CONNECTION mean for you?

Fiber Internet

More bandwidth, more speed, most reliable. Our 100% fiber internet for the home enables streaming, working, and playing faster. Upload speeds are equal to download speeds providing you with content almost instantly. Vast Broadband offers speeds to fit your home’s needs.

Vast TV

Watch anywhere in the house on any device. Vast TV has a streamlined approach to viewing—from local channels to streaming services—through your fiber internet connection. Just download the Vast app and access the world of entertainment.