Hosted Voice

Introducing Hosted Voice

It’s the last phone you’ll never have to buy. Hosted Voice is a fully hosted IP PBX solution that includes all the phones and service you need for one monthly rate. Why buy phones that will depreciate and become obsolete in a few years? Our phone solution ensures your business has the latest phones with zero maintenance costs and free installation. Plus, enjoy amazing cloud-based management tools, like hosted call recording, hosted call reporting and a web-based system management portal.


Hosted Voice

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  • One monthly fee for all your business phone needs
  • The newest phones — no upgrade costs
  • No maintenance fees
  • LTE Backup

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Modern Phones. Powerful Features.

Your Vast Hosted Voice subscription includes VVX 500 handsets from Polycom. These touch-screen units deliver a broad range of business communication solutions, including:

  • Streaming media video playback
  • HD Voice up to 14KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Open application platform and full Web browser
  • Microsoft Exchange calendar integration
  • Full IP PBX integration

Vast Hosted Voice Features

Experience the power of a fully hosted phone system. Vast Hosted Voice includes hosted Call Recording, Call Reporting and a web-based management system, allowing you to track and edit your phone system settings from the cloud.

Hosted Call Recording
Easy and free call recording to complement your business process.

Online System Management
Get real-time overviews of your system data including information about the number of calls in progress, active call handlers, recent calls and free audio storage.

Hosted Call Reporting
Monitor, manage and measure your phone system for efficient communications.

How much could it cost you in lost sales or productivity if your phones are down?

Vast Hosted Voice provides your business with an option to use 4G LTE Failover solution, so that when your primary network connection temporarily goes down, you can remain connected with a 4G LTE Backup. No more lost productivity or lost sales due to internet service problems, finally a simple and affordable way to have business continuity.

Vast Hosted Voice is geared for any business who rely on their phones for sales or day to day operations.

A Vast Hosted Voice router comes preconfigured and installed in between your existing network connection and switch. No need to change any equipment — we provide it.

The initial charge is$3000
The base monthly fee is$3000

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