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Discover how MAX Vasterson can bring you the best entertainment experience at home from Tivo® to streaming. Enjoy 1,000+ hours of DVR and all your favorite apps in one place. MAX delivers the latest to the greatest, so you’ll never run out of things to watch.

Saving the day with speed.

Vast lets you get the most from multiple devices with Boost complete managed WiFi home coverage and speeds up to 1 Gig. Staying entertained at home is easy when you have MAX to bring you high-speed internet and a connection you can count on.

Bringing you better.

The best at-home entertainment starts with maximum TV options from Vast. MAX delivers the latest and greatest, including instant access to on-demand video content for multiple devices, Cloud DVR, voice remote control and more from the new VastTV app, ultimate TiVo® and streaming. Watch what you want, whenever you want, for a great value.

Worry-Free at Home

Control what's happening at home from anywhere. With Vast IntelliHome, you'll find managing comfort and security fits right into your busy schedule.

MAX Vasterson won't rest until everyone is connected with fast and reliable internet that meets the demands of today's world. He's bringing speed for streaming and video chats. He's delivering bandwidth to connect multiple devices. And he's bringing ultimate reliability from Vast to the connectivity we all need.

Who is max?

Mysteriously born with superhuman speed, MAX Vasterson doesn't need to fight a gang of villains to show off his power. Instead, he's made his mission saving the sanity of Vast customers by delivering one fast and reliable internet connection at a time.

An everyday

MAX once used his powers as a track star and race car driver, but discovered his talents for speed and reliability weren't at their best use. When he found Vast, he became an everyday hero with a plan.

Taking you beyond limits

Now MAX is setting out to revolutionize the way your internet works for you. He knows you need maximum speed, maximum bandwidth for everyone at home and maximum reliability for the best experience. MAX is delivering it all, fast.